If you have a tree in the parkway (between the curb & sidewalk) you have probably wondered if you should prune it or if someone else should. The property owner is responsible for maintenance, pruning, and removal if that should be necessary. There are rules and regulations on how to trim trees.

In the interest of public safety, the City trims some street trees, clears roads, and removes limbs that pose an imminent hazard (for example have fallen in the roadway or block stop signs). If you have questions about the City Tree Ordinance, Register of Significant Trees or are interested in the Community Forestry Commission, please call the Community Development Department at 503-992-3227.

A tree removal or pruning permit is required when:

  • major pruning (more than 20%) or removal of a tree listed on Forest Grove Register of Significant Trees.
  • major pruning or removal of a street tree planted in the public right-of-way or parkway adjacent to a front yard. 
  • trees six inches in diameter or greater or Oregon white oak trees three inches in diameter or greater on developable land.

Why A Permit Is Required

It is an opportunity for City staff to help by providing information on how to properly prune the tree. It is also to make sure pruning/removal is done safely.

Trimming Around Power Lines

Trees should be kept three feet from the service lines going to the house or building. Trees should be kept ten feet from the distribution lines. Trimming around the service lines is reasonably safe but only qualified trimmers should work around the distribution lines. The City has an annual program to trim the trees around the power lines.

If you have any questions regarding this program call the Crew Supervisor with the Parks Department at 503-992-3204 or the Operations Superintendent with the Light and Power Department at 503-992-3252.

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