Planned Development

Planned Commercial Development

A Commercial Planned Development is defined as a predominately commercial project designed and constructed in any commercial zone in accordance with an approved comprehensive development plan. A CPD is intended to promote and facilitate the unified, concurrent development of a wide range of retail commercial, service, office, and multi-family uses under a single integrated and comprehensive development plan. It is also intended to encourage the innovative use of high architectural and site planning standards in designing a development that promotes efficiency in the use of land, energy, and public facilities while displaying sensitivity to the character and integrity of existing, surrounding uses.

Planned Industrial Development

A Planned Industrial Development is intended to accommodate creative and imaginative industrial development based on an approved comprehensive development plan for the site, which is designed to insure compatibility between the industrial operations therein and the existing activities and character of the community.

Planned Residential Development

A Planned Residential Development is intended to accommodate creative and imaginative planned residential development in residential districts and to facilitate the development of parcels suitable for residential use but which are difficult to develop by virtue of topography, natural landscape features, its unique historical character, or being an isolated problem area by being passed over and subsequently surrounded by development. A PRD would permit those innovations in the technology of land development which are in the best interest of the City of Forest Grove.

How Do I Apply

You may request a pre-application conference with staff before submitting an application. To schedule a conference, please submit to the Community Development Department a Pre-application Request Form, 10 copies of the preliminary site plan, and a project description. A pre-application meeting is arranged with the appropriate City staff and may include Planning, Engineering, Fire, Police, Light and Power, etc. You and/or your representative (architect or engineer) should also be present.

A formal application should be submitted to the Community Development Department along with the appropriate fee. The application should include 10 copies of your application packet and the Land Use Application Form.

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