Property Line Adjustment

A property line adjustment is the relocation of a common property line between two properties. Property lines may be adjusted provided that:

  • The property line adjustment deed contains the names of the parties, the description of the adjusted line, references to the original recorded documents, and the signatures of the parties, with proper acknowledgment; and
  • The adjustment is surveyed in accordance with Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 92.060(7) and ORS 209.250; this survey shall then be filed with the Washington County Surveyor. Effective January 1, 2006, all property line adjustments within the urban growth boundary must be surveyed and monumented. Survey requirements should be confirmed with the Washington County Surveyor.
  • Once approved, the Community Development Department will issue a letter of approval; this letter will be stapled to the map.

To obtain City approval, submit the following information:

  1. Washington County tax lot map, parcel numbers, and street addresses.
  2. Complete lot boundaries of both parcels, with dimensions of lot lines and lot areas in square feet. Please use a standard scale of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 100, or multiples of 10.
  3. Indicate the proposed location of the new property line and its distance from the existing property line.
  4. Indicate the location of all structures on both parcels and their distances to both the existing and proposed property lines.
  5. Indicate the location of major vegetation, driveways, and (if known) underground utilities.
  6. Complete the Land Use Application Form (PDF), and include the appropriate fee.
  7. Clean Water Services Service Provider Letter.

If minimum parcel areas and building setbacks are maintained, then a lot line adjustment can be approved. If utilities or driveways are affected by the relocated lot line, easements will be necessary and will need to be recorded with the property line adjustment.

Upon City approval, submit the approval letter and map of the proposed property line adjustment to the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation Surveyor's Office. If documents effectuating the adjustment as approved are not properly prepared, executed, and recorded with Washington County within six months following City approval, the adjustment shall be null and void. Approval shall not be reinstated without reapplication.