The City of Forest Grove operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Council is responsible to the citizens of Forest Grove to establish and direct the policies governing the administration and management of the City.

The City Charter states, "Except as this Charter otherwise provides, all powers of the City are vested in the Council". The Council consists of a Mayor and six Councilors each elected at large for four-year terms. Benefits: Mayor position is paid $300 per month stipend and Council positions are paid $200 per month stipend, set by resolution. Medical, vision and dental insurance benefits are offered to those who wish to participate. The City contributes a substantial percentage. The city provides an electronic device for council email, agendas and packets. Councilors serve 4-year terms.

Candidacy in the 2024 City Council Election - November 5, 2024

City Council Candidate Qualifications and Residency Requirements

  • Be a qualified elector under the State of Oregon.
  • May not be a candidate at a single election for more than one city office.
  • Reside in the city at least one year immediately before the election or appointment to office.
  • May not be employed by the city.
  • The Council is the final judge of the election and qualifications of its members.

Please contact the City Recorder's Office, Elections Official, for more information.

2024 Dates for Filing for City Council

Filing Deadline
First Day to File (120 days prior) - Petition ID Number requiredJuly 8, 2024
Suggested deadline to submit signatures for verification to county elections (allow at least five business days)2024 Elections Calendar (to come)
Last Day to File (70 days prior) - 25 certified signatures requiredAugust 27, 2024
Last Day for candidates to file Voter Pamphlet Candidate Statement with county elections (fee)2024 Elections Calendar (to come)

Steps for Running for Candidacy

Below is the summary of the steps involved in running for candidacy in the City of Forest Grove.

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  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5

Step 1 - File Prospective Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee

A candidate must file the following with city elections official: