Public Records Request

Search City Documents

Most city documents are online (via the Document Center, Archive Center, or Agenda Center) at no cost, such as budget reports and audits, legislative meeting agendas and minutes, ordinances, resolutions, development code, city code, city charter, fee schedules, job descriptions, labor contracts, business licenses and requests for proposals.  You may also search City Digital Archives at no cost. 

Requesting Public Records

Requests to inspect or obtain copies of public records held by the city must be made in writing using the City's Public Record Request Form (PDF). You may submit the form in person or by email, mail or fax. Please allow 2 to 5 business days for records staff to acknowledge request and up to 10 business days to provide records unless the request is non-routine. To request police public records(s), please fill out the Police Department's Public Record Request Form (PDF)

Fee Schedule

ORS 192.324(4)(a) authorizes the City to establish fees to reimburse for actual costs in making public records available,. The City shall waive the first 30 minutes of staff time. If cost is estimated to exceed $25 and/or the time required to respond to request exceeds 10 business days, the requester will receive written notification.


Document/Report$20.25, plus $0.10 per page over 10 pages (1 free copy to victim up to 20 pages)
Document Recording Fee$17.25, plus Washington County Recording Fee
Police Reports (PDF)$20.25, plus $0.10 per page over 10 pages (1 free copy to victim up to 20 pages)
Fire Reports (PDF)
$20.25, plus $0.10 per page over 10 pages (1 free copy to victim up to 20 pages)
Copy Standard$0.10 per page
Copy Oversized$0.20 per page
City Lien Search$33.50
Digital Storage Device$28.75

Photographs to digital device

$28.75 (up to 30 photos), $0.80 per each additional photo

Citation Copy$7.60
Body Camera Footage Public Records Request

$105.60 first 10 minutes. $87.90 each additional 10 minutes of footage

Staff Research Fee

$71.75 per hour (no charge for first 30 minutes)

City Attorney Research
Per Attorney's Hourly Rate, plus costs
Noise Variance Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary Street Closure Permit (PDF)